With the temperature rising, we need to battle the summer heat waves with the proper attire especially the teenagers. Hemlines on the risen are not the only fashion option that you need to keep in mind. So here are six go to tips for teenage summer trends.

Spaghetti straps and T-shirts – The celebs make this look all natural and are catching on and they are usually seen with a plain colored T-shirt under a spaghetti strap dress. The shirt is usually white in color. It is not necessary that the trend should be stuck to only dresses. T-shirts can be worn under spaghetti strap tops coupled with a nice pair of jeans for a casual look just as easily.

Patchwork – Remember the quilt your grandmother used to weave when you were a child? Well, the patchwork design is popular as summer fashion trend. The patchwork pieces are mostly worn as a skirt or loose jacket so as to make a normal outfit like denim shorts look jazzy along with a tank top. Remember, not to mix and match a lot of patchwork pieces in the same outfit. Choose only one piece and wear it with solid colors.

Crochet work – Crocheting is not only meant for baby booties or blankets. Crochet can be used in dresses and tops as well and is very trendy this summer. The patterns might look tight; however, there are tiny holes that allow airflow. It keeps you cool on hot summer nights.

6 Summer Fashion Trends for TeenagersSmall backpacks – Small or mini backpacks are mostly seen carried by teenagers nowadays and are in vogue. A mini backpack is not only ideal for teenage girls, but is also considered to be apt for working moms as well as business women. There is ample space in these bags. You can dunk in a lot into these small backpacks and can be carried easily over your shoulders. These summer trends are known to be great for weekend camping trips, plans made with family when it comes to packed venues and not to forget days at the beach.

Wedged shoes – Wedge shoes are considered to be comfortable wear for the summer. The soles are known to be thick, but flat underneath rather than mimicking the natural shape of the foot and with raised heels. These wedges as summer trends are considered to be great for a night out with friends, dancing or going out on long evening walks with a special friend.

Beads – Beads have been in usage since the early 15th century to decorate one’s body. The beads are sewn onto clothes in terms of intricate embellishments, sparkle as well as personality. Modern designs include beaded patterns along with pockets for denims, pants and other beaded necklines when it comes to tops. The usage of beads so as to compliment colors or accentuate certain points on clothing is trending this summer season.

Be it a special date you are planning this summer season or going on a beach holiday, consider these six summer fashion beachwear trends for teenagers to give you that ultimate trendy look. Check, trial at Blush bras and lingerie and adopt whatever suits your fancy and mood.