Dropping your weight, be it in kilograms or pounds is not an easy job, especially if one has the tendency of gaining weight. It’s difficult to choose a plan or even just a class of exercises that has the most calorific burning effectiveness to manage your weight issues properly. New studies still show that a good workout plan actually has a significant effect on proper weight management. It is also shown that a good workout program needs to have a balanced distribution of different types of workout regimes spread evenly amongst high impact aerobics, combined with cardio give the best of results. It is ideal if each of these exercises target specific sets of multiple muscles. This would result in a boost in your metabolism, and as a result it would make the calories in your body burn faster with each repetition.

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It is also recommended that you combine your weight loss program with a healthy and targeted diet regime as well, since studies show that for a good and successful workout program to cause significant weight loss, diet and exercise should be matched.

Power Yoga

Developed by Beryl Bender Birch, Power Yoga is a fitness based vinyasa practice derived from Indian origin Ashtanga Yoga. The main qualities of this lay it its ability to raise the core body temperature and give a needed booth to stamina, strength and flexibility in the body. Also, one of its effects is to reduce stress.
The typical calorific burn rate of power yoga varies between 226 to 335 calories per hour. The key lies in the breathing pattern matching as one flows from one posture to the next one. This causes maximum calorie afterburn in the body.

Elliptical Workout

Being a cardio machine workout, it is supposed to give a great boost to the heart rate, pump up the blood flow along the vessels and cause a great calorie burn. Also known as the arc trainer, the typical calorific burn value of this regime ranges from 322 to 478 calories per hour. The recommended action for doing ellipticals, is to set an exertion level for yourself before you hit the machine. The best practice is not to slouch while on the workout, and slowly and gradually up the pace while keeping an even hold throughout the body.


Although it is a great workout if you are going for a treadmill, but still a more effective way to lose weight would be the Stairmaster. It is like a machine that makes you work your way uphill, and the typical calories burn rate ranges between 452 to 670 calories per hour. The recommended regime is 77 steps per minute. In addition to this, there are a few things to be kept in mind, like one needs to maintain the needed posture throughout the repetition time. Also, you should not be holding on all the time, and add a bit of weights to your hand to work your upper body as well.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is also known as the ergometer or erg. Many people do not know that is one of the most effective things to burn out the calories. The primary quality of rowing is that it sets three sets of muscles into action, the core body, the uppers and as well as the lowers, all in one single push. The burn rate in a standard rowing machine is somewhere around 481 to 713 calories per hour. In order to get the best results, row in fast, one-minute intervals.

Stationary bike

Stationary bikes not only build your strength and endurance, they are known to be great calorie burners as well. The main thing to be kept in mind while using a stationary bike is to set the exertion level for yourself, as this will help with the most calorie burn and toning up. The range to which a stationary bike can burn calories starts from around 500 calories and goes up to more than 700 calories. The general instruction recommended to do this is to start with 10 seconds vigorous paddling with a minute’s rest, and gradually increase paddling and decrease the rest time.