Jhumkas are one of the crucial jewellery pieces when it comes to Indian jewellery. It complements a girl’s outfit and make it complete. It is a jewellery piece that never goes out of fashion. However, with a large variety of earrings available in the market today, it is important for you to choose one that matches with your outfit.

Earrings are available in various materials ranging from precious metals such as gold, diamond, crystal, pearl, gemstone and silver to non-precious materials such as plastic etc. This guide will brief you about some tips that you need to consider while choosing earrings.

How to Choose Earrings?

  • Invest in Versatile Pair of Earrings

Jewellery pieces are quite expensive. Hence, it’s wise to invest in versatile pieces of jewellery. Same goes for earrings as well. You should buy those earrings, which go with most of the outfits. You might end up blocking your funds if you buy earrings, which go only with few outfits. You won’t be able to wear them much, which will result in blockage of money. There are various online websites, which offer versatile gold jhumkas at affordable prices. You can reach out to such websites to buy designer jhumkas.

  • Choose As Per Your Attire

It is important that the earrings that you are choosing correspond to your attire. In general, earrings go with the traditional attire including kurtas, salwaar kameez, lehenga and saree etc. However, different set of earrings will go with each of these dresses. In addition, nowadays, girls have started wearing light-weight designer jhumkas with dresses as well. Hence, it is important that the jhumka you choose works well with your outfit and adds beauty to your overall appearance.

  • Choose As Per The Occasion

There is a wide variety of jhumkas available in market, a different set for every occasion. For instance, a set of diamond jhumkas which will work great for a marriage party or occasion will not be suitable for an office party. For marriage and related occasions, heavy jhumkas will look good while for some casual meeting or party, simple jhumkas having light embellishment will work. Hence, you are advised to invest in simple pieces which can be used on every occasion. Adding a pair of jhumka can make even your simple dress look attractive and grand.

  • Choose As Per Your Facial Profile

It is important that while investing in earrings, you keep your facial profile in mind. This is because a correct pair of jhumka can make you look more charming. In case your face is round, you should invest in earrings slender and longer earrings. Such earrings should have lesser roundness.

On the contrary, if your face is longer and thinner, you should buy circular or round earrings which are embedded with embellishments. Similarly, if your face is oval shaped, it is recommended to invest in pearls, oval and teardrop earrings to get natural contour on your face.


Hope this guide will help you to buy suitable jhumkas at affordable prices. Visit the site candere.com to explore wide variety of jhumkas.