Leather has always been a timeless staple piece in any outfit from edgy to conservative. Thanks to the underground alternative scene, we’re seeing a revival of the hottest fashion trends from the 80s. We live in an age where it’s more than okay to be different and it’s encouraged to dress to impress. Using inspiration from past decades has become one of the hotter trends and this includes grunge and hair metal styles from the 80s and 90s.

Leather High-Waisted Hot Pants

High-waisted shorts are one of the hottest trends for the summer but leather hot pants are even hotter! Hot pants that come with texture like studs on leather add a bit of edge but allow you to still stay cool in the blazing heat while accentuating your curves. More often than not, leather hot pants are paired with a stocking and garter combo and a crop top or bralette to match.

Studded Leather Jackets

For the past few years, the hottest celebrities in the world have been wearing star-studded leather jackets and pairing them with unconventional pieces like skater skirts and floral dresses. If they aren’t wearing heels, a pair of dirtied-up combat boots is the go-to shoe. Since leather is extremely hot during the spring and summer months, studded leather vests have also squeezed their way back into fashion. The more studs, chains, and texture, the better.

Leather Harness Hip Bags

Alt clothing has many sub-genres from metal and gothic styles to Lolita and Kawaii. One of the many alternative trends incorporated in almost all sub-genres is the usage of harnesses. Popular harnesses include designs that act as a bralette or harnesses for your legs or torso. A major harness trend includes a harness hip bag that attaches at the thigh. They’re functional and becoming one of the hottest pieces in fashion.

Fringe Clothes and Accessories

With all the biker or metal-inspired trends that are making a comeback, it’s only normal to see fringe making a comeback as well. At first, fringe was widely incorporated into music festival-styled outfits for the average hipster. Now, black fringe is making a comeback on dress and shirt sleeves, purses, and pants.

Sleeveless Hoodies

Around the UK for the past two years, sleeveless hoodies have been on the rise in the world of alt fashion. Various bands and models have been seen sporting the rising trend and accessorising them with studs or with their favourite 80s artist slapped on the front. Pairing them with a perfect skinny jean and flats is a style that is great for days that aren’t too hot but aren’t too cold.

Leather Forever

The favourite material of the 80s didn’t start in the 80s, as leather has been a recycled trend for the past 300 years. With new clothing styles and shapes come new ways to incorporate these textures. Leather has never fully gone out of style and will remain a trademark piece in any wardrobe.