Move over designer jeans and the little black dress, the ultimate necessary item in a woman’s closet has a new definition. This versatile, stylish must-have goes from work out time to wine time in no time. Where fashion truly meets function, this feel good item is the none other than the legging.

When introducing this item into your wardrobe its helpful and smart to start with the basic black long legging. Most females stumble onto this because of a work out need. Leggings have been around for decades in the fitness world, but the rise of hot yoga has given them the spotlight. Yoga legging brands that boast moisture wicking and slim lines catch the attention of hot yoga students everywhere. The basic black long is the most flattering and multi-function of them all.

yoga, athletic, or fashionable leggings1For yoga or fitness purposes black is naturally slimming and looks sleek on most bodies. For fashion purposes it’s a classic, easy to match with any bra or tank. For social purposes this black legging can easily turn into the foundation of a dinner and drinks look. Pair it with a lace bra, long tank, short boots, long necklace, bangles and you are good to go. Wanna take comfort one step further?

Try a pair of high rise waist black leggings. These are my go-to style for a dinner out because of the amazing comfort around my waist and the synching effect. For yoga, athletic, or fashionable leggings, JUJA Active is a great place to start.  I would check out Noli Yoga, Pheel, and Jala Clothing. You can save 15% off your first order with coupon code TRYJUJANOW.

Shop around, try any and all brands that catch your eye, but most importantly, just like with anything in your closet, invest in something that makes you feel good.