Positive parenting is vital for overall development of a child. As a parent you would always strive to offer best of you to your child. Well, it can be quite challenging to manage toddlers or babies. Usually, parents feel the stress from time to time. Toddlers would test your limits and throw tantrums. The key to handle and make them happy is to keep them occupied in a playful manner. One of the tools of positive parenting is busy books for babies. Busy books help babies experience different textures, fabrics, senses and explore new things. If you recall the days before the era of smart phones, book reading was a hobby to entertain and keep ourselves occupied. On similar lines, busy books for babies are designed to keep them entertained while developing their observational skills.

Choosing busy books for babies

Busy books for babies are available online and at physical bookstore. While choosing a busy book or making one for your baby, remember the following points:

  • Babies feel fascinated with bright colors. Therefore, go for brightly colored busy book.
  • A handmade book is a better option.
  • Look out for busy books made of materials like cotton, buttons, magnets, beads, fabric, ribbons offering sensory development of a baby.
  • Story telling baby books are real fun and aid in developing bondage between you and baby.
  • Go for a durable option.
  • Babies like different sounds and respond very inquisitively to them. Therefore, the baby book should include ringers or bells.
  • Lots of pockets and flaps with hidden treasures can develop your baby’s discovery skills.

How to make baby busy book at home

It will also be quite exciting to make a handmade busy book for 1 year old. You would need to include few activities in there along with adequate supplies. You can select any activity like mango picking from trees. It would entail showing your baby how to pick mangoes off the tree and putting them in the basket and then back onto the tree. This activity will help in development of motor skills of the baby. You may include a garden scene with bright sunny day, a fountain flowers, birds, butterfly and more. It will be fun to look and talk about of them. Do include different learning shapes. You can draw different shapes on the fabric; make cut outs of the same and then match them up to the correct outlines. Another activity to include can be color square matching, name recognition and counting with the help of beads. You may get ideas from children books and can include any activity you like. Based on the content of the busy book for babies, you will need supplies like fabric – embellished and textured, colors, beads, ribbons, variety of scissors, sewing apparatus, and quiet time, when your baby is busy, playing or sleeping.

Once you have arranged felt books for babies, you should sit together and help your child understand and enjoy the books. Eventually, these fun books will become part of the play kit much desired by your baby.