It is quite natural to be stressed and nervous during the preparation for the wedding. However, not all of you are lucky. There are so many brides – to – be who change their opinion right before they get married. “But I do not want this.” What now? Click here to learn more about boundless wedding.

It is true that the period before the wedding is not the best time to make a decision like that, but look on the bright side: it is better now than later (or, worse, never). However, the expectations that the newly – weds have before the wedding are sometimes too high. So, they experience a complete confusion in their head, feelings, wishes and behaviors can easily change.

Here are some options that you will hardly read in typical women’s magazines. But if you have a comprehensive approach to the problem, it is necessary to consider all the options, no matter how many of them looked morally and reasonably unacceptable.

Option 1: Ignore your wishes

Do you think you were the only one who did this? Ask your grandmother how they got married back then. Everyone is so excited and do you just want to ruin it? – this may be the saying of some person you have been complaining to about a burning problem that is bothering you, and your own words inside your own head are quite different than that.

Why not?

Of course, you can ignore your desires, why not? Let’s see, if you’re ready to endure a whole life because you married a wrong man (and you knew about it before the wedding), you knowingly come to a marriage that was previously condemned to fail, because you did not want to disappoint others. If you can live with that, then option 1 is right for you. If not, let’s go further.

Option 2: Run!

Of course, the first marriage association is a sweetheart movie with Julia Roberts (not the one where she is a prostitute, but … well, the other one). The film is presented as a comedy, but the situation in is not the least comic.
But since you are not Julia Roberts this is a real option. You can run away, you can just disappear. All you need is a cab and a lack of desire to explain your actions. Simple as that. But this option has its own bad side …

Why not?

Because no one – your unmarried husband, your parents, friends, does not deserve to disappear without a trace, and you leave them to wonder what happen to you. Unless you were kidnapped and taken to get married, this option is completely unacceptable if you take into account elemental humanity. If not – you go, girl.

Anyway, these things are not good at all, which is why you need to think about it carefully before saying yes. Because if you change your mind, a lot of hearts will be broken. No one deserves that.